Welltec India applauded for commitment to safety

During a recent intervention campaign for BG India, Welltec helped to build and maintain the team effort of achieving ‘Safety 101’. This is BG’s internal safety mantra and signifies ‘One Team, One Goal, Zero Injuries’. BG’s program is a good fit with Welltec’s own global safety culture resulting in the program being easily embraced by the Welltec personnel.

Thorough pre-job planning prior, along with continuous monitoring during the campaign laid the groundwork for delivering on the ‘zero injury’ goal. To ensure optimal cooperation between the three participating companies, the campaign was initiated by a team building exercise addressing the HSE Standards, a technical walkthrough of Welltec’s technologies, and creating a joint safety culture. In addition, a successful SIT was conducted in Gandhinagar, including key personnel from BG, Welltec and HLSA and KPIs were assigned based on HSE parameters ensuring that One Team had a single purpose “to safely deliver the plans on time”.

During the campaign, Welltec completed 25,132 man hours of operations along with 34 km of tractoring on a number of platforms with numerous rig-ups, lifts, transfers and jobs. This was accomplished with zero injuries and was applauded by BG India for our commitment to their safety mantra. Welltec was originally selected as a partner for this campaign based on technical capabilities and also for an outstanding global Q and HSE performance.