Welltec Employee Receives Medal for Bravery

The day after your wedding is typically not an ordinary day. Add in rescuing someone from a burning car and you definitely have an extraordinary day!

This was what happened to newlywed, Steven Rothenburger, Welltec’s SAGD Service Delivery Coordinator in Canada. Steven was driving when a lady turned onto the road and their vehicles collided head on.

“I could see fire coming out from under her hood before our cars had even stopped. I also saw that no one was getting out of the vehicle. As it turned out, her door had gotten a bit mangled and she couldn’t get it open,” relates Steven. “I managed to open it and saw that she was just sitting there, frozen. By this time the interior of the car was full of smoke and the fire was starting to spread to it. “

Steven quickly rescued the lady from the burning vehicle. Fortunately she hadn’t suffered any injuries apart from the shock. Only a few minutes after Steven and the woman had gotten to safety, the woman’s car had been reduced to nothing. The police and fire department arrived shortly thereafter and took over.

For his heroic actions Steven received ‘The Medal of Bravery’ at an award ceremony at the Fire Chief’s Recognition Luncheon in Calgary, Canada on January 22. At the luncheon, Fire Chief Bruce Burrell told the audience that because of the interventions of the award recipients, emergency crews were able to help the victims. In total, 28 people were honored for various incidents with six receiving ‘The Medal of Bravery.’

“It is an absolute honor to receive this medal, but I really think I just did what anyone else would have done,” said Steven modestly. In reality, because Steven acted quickly, decisively and selflessly he helped save another person’s life.

The woman from the wrecked car is doing fine today and her whole family is of course, extremely thankful for what Steven did. At Welltec we are also immensely proud of Steven’s actions.