Welltec APAC celebrates 7 years with no accidents

The end of 2013 marks an impressive record for Welltec Asia Pacific: seven years with no incidents. This is testament to Welltec’s worldwide safety culture and QHSE focus – “Safety is where I am”.

The Welltec safety culture reaches far beyond the legal requirements. Our approach puts safety first and incorporates behavioural programs, thorough risk assessment and tolerates no compromises on safety aspects. The culture embraces this approach through managerial systems and the Incident Reporting System, as well as through soft values like being an attentive colleague and watching out for each other. Programs like the buddy system help ensure that new employees are never faced with situations alone, SCOP cards provide an opportunity to report safe and unsafe situations to improve safety aspects on all levels and HSE audits ensure compliance with company policies. In February 2013 Welltec Asia Pacific was appointed an HSE manager to support the existing HSE initiatives.

“Welltec Asia Pacific proudly set an industry record by way of this seven consecutive years accident free operations performance,” said Ronan Le Gloahec, Senior Vice President, APAC, and continues: “This outstanding record results for a very visible 24/7 commitment from all APAC team members to comply not only with our customers’ HSE standards and guidelines, but also to the Welltec Global HSE management system without any compromise.”

“I want to praise all in the team for their outstanding dedication and drive to safely deliver our ever growing portfolio of environment friendly, innovative, robotic solutions from the deep waters of India to the jungle of Papua New Guinea,” said Ronan.

Incidents are divided by severity: Medical treatment only (MTO), restricted work case (RWC), lost time incidents (LTI) and fatalities (FTL). All these statistics are analysed by our QHSE department to ensure implementation and improvement of best practices protecting the health and safety of individuals.