Welltec Annular Barrier for COMPLETIONS SOLUTIONS

Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) Installed as a Primary Well Barrier

16 January, 2015

We have achieved a breakthrough in the industry with our Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®). For the first time in the world it has been run as a standalone, primary well barrier element. This is a truly exceptional accomplishment as the WAB® hereby has delivered a solution to a challenge that affects an estimated 40% of global wells: mitigation of pressure within the B annulus.


Johnny Bårdsen
Sales Director, Well Completion, Scandinavia

When pressure migrates within the B annulus the effects can be catastrophic, costing lives and causing wells to be shut in. The WAB® solves these issues by providing a tight seal, thus preventing pressure build-up in wells. Further advantages include avoiding remedial work to establish cement barriers when the primary cement operation has failed and offering daily monitoring of the B annulus within wells to maintain production.

This world’s first achievement took place in the North Sea for Statoil where the 9 5/8” ISO14310 V0 WAB® was deployed; successfully expanded and subsequently verified on a well in a field which has historically been challenged by B surface annulus pressure buildup.

“It’s a milestone for the industry that this technology has become available,” states Øystein Eikeskog, Principal Engineer of Well Technology, Statoil. “Not only will this save us significant time during well construction, it provides significant mitigation of future B annulus pressure issues where other methods have failed.”

Following on successful ISO V0 leak criteria qualifications in Denmark in November 2014, the 9 5/8” ISO14310 V0 WAB® was subsequently approved to meet Statoil’s Internal Barrier Policy based upon NORSOK D010 Rev 4, enabling Statoil to apply this unique technology without the need for dispensation for this particular well.

“This is truly an outstanding achievement and demonstrates our continued efforts to provide disruptive innovation in the marketplace,” states Paul Hazel, VP of Well Completions for Welltec®. “The natural progression of this product continues at a steady pace, enabling a new perspective for well integrity considerations.”

The Welltec® Annular Barrier is a unique, expandable metal barrier with a large expansion ratio and high delta P capability. As a qualified, stand-alone barrier element, it precludes the need for cement in the construction phase for many applications.

The novel, expandable metal well annular barrier’s capabilities have been accelerating over the past four years and now provide an alternative to cement as a primary well barrier element.

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