Well Miller and Core Bit Retrieves Faulty Lubricator Valve in Malaysia, July 2014

During a re-activation campaign an operator encountered a faulty lubricator valve preventing re-perforation and future interventions. They turned to Welltec due to our track record and proven service quality. A Well Miller with custom-made, core milling bit removed the malfunctioning valve.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

Both upper and lower valve coupons were retrieved in two successive runs with the aid of a special ‘catcher design’ in the inner core of the bit. Having restored access to the well, the operator could then continue with their re-activation campaign estimated to increase production by eight mmscf per day.

Welltec’s solution saved more than a week compared to coiled tubing, which generated substantial cost savings. The milling job itself took a day with an actual milling time of just around two hours. Being able to perform the operation on e-line offered a lightweight solution, reducing operational risks.

To learn more about the Well Miller and bits, please download our Milling Solutions brochure, or read the full case story.