Well Cutter® Provides 75% Cost Reduction

“A cut worthy of a king!”

Those were the words by the company representative after the Well Cutter® had cut through hard scale and tubing – in the same run.

This accomplishment took place offshore Norway where a large build-up of BaSO4 had restricted the ID of the 7” tubing to just 5.45”. The overall objective was to cut the casing, but in order to reach it the Well Cutter® would have to cut through the hard scale first.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

At 6,717 ft depth the Well Cutter® successfully broke through the scale and cut the tubing, all in the same trip downhole. This took only three hours in total.

It was the first time we used the Well Cutter® to both cut through scale and tubing, but the operation clearly demonstrates the value of the tool. Significant rig time was saved and costs reduced considerably as a consequence. In total, the operator saved approximately 75% of the costs by performing the entire operation on e-line compared to a rig-based operation.

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