Welltec Technology Day in Port Harcourt

Visitors came to see novel technology which reduces costs

On 27th of October 2016, the Welltec team in Nigeria hosted a Technology Day in Port Harcourt with attendance of guests from oil & gas companies, various presentations and live tool demonstrations of our well services.


General Manager, Nigeria & Ghana
Adedapo Adeniyi

In the current regime of low oil prices, a lot of operators are looking inwards and to well service providers like Welltec to help challenge the low oil price and also the market instability, which has led to reductions in capital investments. Welltec’s technology is starting to bridge the gap for these operators, affording them a reliable and world class technology to restore/increase production, while lowering capex requirements.

“As our clients continue to look inwards for optimization and to service providers like Welltec to deliver maximum value for each dollar spent, it then becomes extremely important that we assist them in making the right decisions. This is why we actively pursue opportunities with events like our Technology Day which affords us to physically demonstrate our solutions and share case stories of how we have helped clients world over resolve similar challenges that they may currently have”, says General manager, Nigeria & Ghana, Adedapo Adeniyi.

“We had over 20 guests from oil & gas companies with various presentations and live tool demonstrations of our well services – The Well Tractor®, The Well Cleaner®, The Well Stroker® and The Well Miller® for instance showed some of our intervention solutions, while we were also talking completion solutions with our Flex-well® approach” ends General Manager Adedapo Adeniyi.

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