Unconventional acid stimulation in the Permian

Recently, an operator in the Permian Basin in Texas engaged Welltec to perform a complicated 18 stage, sliding sleeve, acid stimulation operation in a horizontal well. Our solution was significantly less expensive and much more time efficient than the jointed pipe or coiled tubing alternatives.

This operation required the opening of a number of 4 1/2” sliding sleeves to acid frac through them individually. So open, stimulate, close and move on to open the next sequential sleeve in this 18 stage completion while remaining in the wellbore.

An extensive System Integration Testing proved the capability of the tools and the operation commenced by opening the toe sleeve and then tractoring past it. Acid frac stimulation was done through the opened sleeve while the toolstring remained in the wellbore. Once stimulated, the sleeve was closed and the toolstring moved on to open the next – a procedure which was repeated 17 times more. Before pulling out of hole, all 18 sleeves were re-opened for production.

Because Welltec was able to stay in the wellbore during acid stimulation, the operator saved considerably in terms of time and money. The job was completed in just five days, as compared to ~10 days using coiled tubing or ~20 days with a workover rig.

To read more about this operation, please see the full case story, or read more on Welltec’s Mechanical Solutions in our brochure.