Three world records in one job

When E&P Yemen needed to log across an 3,087 ft (941 m) challenging, open hole section in an 81.54° deviated water injection well they called on Welltec for a reliable solution that would reach target depth. This operation marked three world records: longest distanced tractored in one job with the 218 Well Tractor, longest distance tractored in an open hole well and longest distance tractored with tandem tractors. An impressive 46,801 ft (14,265.3 m) were tractored during this operation, which was also the first e-line, tractor- based open hole logging job in Yemen.

The well is located in the Kharir Basement in Yemen and was completed in July 2011 to support pressure of neighboring oil producers. It had been injecting water at a rate of ~8,000 BWPD since August 2011 and was experiencing issues with carbonate scale build-ups that had led to decreased injectivity. Due to previous experiences, Total E&P Yemen tasked Welltec with removing the scale bridges prior to the PLT operation and the Well Miller® 218 configured for scale removal milled out 46 ft (14 m) of scale bridges before returning to surface.

The Well Tractor® 218 was selected for the following logging job in a tandem configuration for open hole PLT logging. The Well Tractors were first activated at 9,918 ft (3,023 m) to tractor out of the casing shoe and down to TD. 15 logging passes were conducted. Continuously switching between the two tractors allowed the toolstring to pass through the open hole section despite its challenges and length.

This first horizontal logging operation was of high importance to Total E&P Yemen and proved that there are definite time savings from the e-line conveyance method, due to the fast mobilization, easy rig up / down and the data quality achieved.

To learn more about the solutions applied, please see the Clean-out Solutions brochure or the Conveyance Solutions brochure, or read more about the two operations in the two case stories:

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