The Well Cutter Makes the Cut

Welltec’s newest innovation, the Well Cutter, has made its debut with a successful pipe cutter operation on a 4½” 12.6 #/ft tubular for a Russian operator.

The Well Cutter got the job done in a total tool operating time of 90 minutes with an effective cutting time of 80 minutes.

In addition to not having to mobilize and store explosives for the Well Cutter offshore, handle dangerous explosives on the drill floor or shut down for radio silence, the client estimated that they had saved about one week of rig time by not having to go in and polish or ‘dress’ the cut prior to fishing the cut pipe out of the well.

The operation took place in a low angle well (

The results of the cut can be seen below and were quoted by the client to be ‘the perfect cut.’

Cut Casing Perfect Casing Cut

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