The Flex-Well™ takes a big step forward

The industry received Welltec’s new technology for cementless completions and zonal isolation with much excitement and positive feedback at the SPE/IADC Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam, March 5-7th.

“With the introduction of the Welltec Annular Barrier, the Flex-Well vision becomes a reality. We have been looking forward to this launch for years,” says Paul Hazel, VP Well Completion Solutions at Welltec, and explains: “The Flex-Well™ concept significantly reduces total well construction, risk, time and costs, maximizes early production and increases ultimate recoverables without compromising the long-term well integrity. It delivers inherently safer wells.”

The WAB™ is the first of its kind in the market; a new generation, all metal, expandable barrier, designed for life-of-well, that enables cementless completion and zonal isolation under a wide range of operating environments. The WAB™ for zonal isolation has been tested to withstand conditions up to 10K Delta P and 300°C, and can set in minutes. Many of the shortcomings of current open hole or cased hole packers are eliminated with the introduction of the WAB™. It is nimble and rugged to install and provides a much higher reliability and success ratio both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

“We had a very successful launch of The WAB™ – it was well received. We experienced great interest due to its unique capabilities and the prospect of the whole Flex-Well™ solution. It clearly fulfills a need among the operators and we are proud to once again push the boundaries beyond what was thought to be possible only a few years back!” says Paul Hazel and concludes: “We could not have done this without our excellent and dedicated employees, and the cooperation of the various operators who have been involved.”

IADC is the International Association of Drilling Contractors
SPE is the Society of Petroleum Engineers