Swift solution to remove glass plug offshore Denmark

Welltec provided a swift solution, when an operator offshore Denmark needed to remove a temporary glass plug in an oil producing well in order to gain access to the reservoir below. The Welltec e-line solution was better suited to address the space and time constraints than conventional coiled tubing.

First the well was drifted to ensure that the tubing was clear from obstructions. Then a plug was run in hole on the Well Tractor® 318 to test the integrity of the production tubing. Once confirmed, the plug was retrieved with the Welltec Stroker® 318. A custom 2.46″ milling bit was run in hole on the Well Miller® conveyed by a Well Tractor® 218 to remove the glass plug. The custom milling bit engaged the glass plug and the surface read-out indicated that the milling process had begun. The Well Miller® broke through the plug in just nine minutes and a drop in surface pressure also indicated the successful removal of the glass plug. The depth and CCL confirmed access as the toolstring went past the glass plug a total of three times.

Welltec provided a swift solution and the operator gained access to the reservoir. This operation saved an estimated four days and 450,000 USD compared to conventional coiled tubing operations.

To learn more about the technology applied please view the Milling Solutions brochure or read the full case story Glass plug removal offshore Denmark.