Shifting sliding sleeves in an upside-down completion using Well Key 325

An Indonesian well was designed with an upside down completion that was causing problems when the operator needed to shift two sliding sleeve doors (SSD’s) in the lower completion. Because of the upside down nature of the SSD’s and a nipple profile in the upper completion, the Well Stroker with its ability to stroke down and the Well Key with its slick design provided the ideal Mechanical Solution. The Well Key is designed to run in hole (RIH) with the keys collapsed, only extending them when positioned via e-line depth control in the vicinity of the SSD’s.

During the operation, the toolstring passed through the restriction with no complications and the Well Key profile was positioned with pinpoint accuracy above the sliding sleeve profile. Once in place and with the Well Stroker anchored above, the keys were activated in the sliding sleeve profile and the Well Stroker powered up to stroke down and shift open the sleeve. Once the first sleeve was opened the well was unloaded. The tools were re-run and the second sleeve opened a few days later.

This was the first sliding sleeve manipulation using the Well Key 325 in Indonesia and the operator was pleased with the outcome. It took only ten hours from rig up to rig down to open the first sleeve and the second operation was completed in just eight hours.

This operation is testament to the agility of Welltec’s Mechanical Solutions. Even with the upside-down completion, using the Well Stroker – Well Key combination enabled the well to be put on production as scheduled.

To learn more about Welltec’s Mechanical Solutions please download the brochure or contact Account Manager Kiki Darwahjudi in Indonesia.