Rigless SSSV Profile Cleaning with Well Flowing

Given the option to enact a repair on a malfunctioning SSSV without replacing the completion or shutting in production, one of our clients in Mexico chose to do just that.

The operation took place in September 2012 in the southeast portion of the Gulf of Mexico. The operator was experiencing a malfunctioning SSSV on an oil producer. It was anticipated that debris had accumulated over the profile of the SSSV, preventing it from fully closing.

After careful job planning with the client, Welltec mobilized a Well Tractor and Well Cleaner WBH to remove the debris that had settled in the top area of the flow tube.

The entire inner profile of the SSSV was cleaned after one hour of cleaning time while the well was still flowing at 2,100 BOPD. Upon the successful cleaning operation, the SSSV was tested three times and proved to open and close normally.

For more information about this breakthrough job please contact General Manager, Mexico, Jose G. Carillo. You can also read more about the job by clicking here.