Removing lock mandrel to return well to production

An operator, offshore India’s East Coast, needed to remove a thru tubing sand screen (TTSS) in a well that was being converted to injector. The TTSS was placed thru a 3.5″ QX Lock Mandrel which was set on a 3.5″ SSD nipple.

A slickline operation had been unable to remove the TTSS even after more than 300 attempts of jarring. After thorough risk assessment and testing at the Welltec® yard, Welltec® mobilized to the well site. This was a platform, which in addition to crane and space limitations, had daylight only restrictions. It was Welltecs first operation of releasing a Lock Mandrel in the Asia Pacific region. The first run revealed debris on top of the sand screen and a clean-out run was performed with a Well Cleaner® PST High Volume. The subsequent run with the Well Stroker® successfully retrieved the TTSS and the operation was completed in a single day.

Downtime was reduced to just five days and the operator avoided having to mobilize heavy equipment with a much larger footprint. During subsequent well testing, well injection of 22,000 bwpd was achieved compared to 0 with TTSS in the well. The well is now ready for the operator to convert to an injector which will facilitate an increase in production from the depleting field.

To learn more about the technology applied please view the Clean-out Solutions brochure or Mechanical Solutions brochure or read the full case story: Removing lock mandrel to return the well to production.