Optimized multi-stage ‘Plug & Perf’ in the Rockies

A restriction, a severe dogleg and a pressing deadline were just some of the obstacles Welltec’s team recently overcame to successfully service a well in the Rocky Mountains.

When an operator needed to perform a 26 stage ‘plug & perf’ fracing operation, they called Welltec due to previous successes where our readily available tools and reliability had helped them in the past. Time was of the essence and over the course of just 14 days, 26 runs were made covering an impressive 146,608 ft. (44,686 m) with zero misruns and no lost time. The challenges were easily overcome and the Well Tractor conveyance solution provided several added HSE benefits to the operation due to the low footprint, the reduced personnel requirements and less heavy lifting.

Upon completion the operator said: “This job went very smoothly. We were under the gun to get this well on production ASAP, and the Well Tractors enabled us to do this in a timely manner.”

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