Robot at Welltec production

Nomination: Increasing capacity and flexibility through automation

During the past 18 months Welltec has insourced 90% of its previous externally acquired parts through extensive automation. The result is a significant reduction on production costs, while simultaneously increasing capacity and flexibility, fortifying the supply chain. DIRA, Danish Robot Network, recognizes these results and has nominated Welltec for the 2016 Automation Award.


Jacob Faurskov
+45 23 25 09 88

Recently, Welltec has implemented robot automation on 10 out of 25 CNC machining set-ups. A further six CNC centers are scheduled to be automated before August 2016.

As a result, the amount of machining hours per month has increased ~ 400% compared to the previous year.

Jacob Faurskov, Director Manufacturing & Sourcing, says:

“The results have been accomplished through a consistent focus on LEAN, including a particular focus on quality as well as flexibility of the production set-up”.

The ambition of the automation efforts has been to reduce production cost and increase flexibility, enabling Welltec to respond quickly to changing customer demands.

“As the majority of our components are customized for specific operations, it was crucial to prioritize flexibility when choosing the automation concept.”

In fact, 70% of all equipment is produced on demand. This means no six months production schedules and stocks mounting up, but instead a highly agile production set-up designed for fast delivery.

Today, six, Yaskawa Motoman robots drive the production automation and can handle all kinds of CNC machining in series from one to 200 pieces. Should the need arise, Welltec can adapt the entire production schedule in less than an hour.

The winner of the 2016 Robot Automation Award will be announced in September.