Latest Downhole Innovation Presented at the ICoTA UK

We proudly showcased our latest version of the Well Stroker yesterday during a lunch and learn presentation at the Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA). This Well Stroker XXS is a groundbreaking downhole intervention technology as it is able to provide up to 60,000 lbs of focused force downhole, which enables faster and safer operations.


Kevin Giles, AVP UK
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Our local Business Development Manager, Andy Jessiman, presented several recent case stories from the region where the Well Stroker XXS was applied and was instrumental in securing a safe operation. A few accomplishments include pulling by 45,000 lbs of force to free an upper completion in just 20 minutes, which eliminated a serious HSE risk, and also saving five days of rig time by fishing a stuck setting tool.

To read more about these particular operations, please click on the links below:

New Well Stroker XXS Restores Well Barriers
The New Well Stroker XXS saves five days of rig time by fishing a setting tool

Ease of operations enables higher returns
The Well Stroker XXS was first used in the North Sea but internationally it has transformed the approach to downhole solutions by replacing much larger and heavier methods. Run on e-line this 18 ft short tool is able to provide such a high force that it can actually perform the same work as coiled tubing and drill-pipe. The benefits are reduced total operational times, higher returns and increased safety for both people and assets by requiring significantly reduced equipment.

Kevin Giles, Welltec’s Aberdeen-based Area Vice-President said: “Today it is more important than ever for the energy industry to operate cost-effectively and this is just another example of Welltec’s ability to develop concepts and technologies that solve problems and deliver value.”

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