Installing Telemetry System in One Run

Using the Well Stroker and Well Tractor to install telemetry systems is up to four times as efficient as using coiled tubing, as it can be done in just one run.

An operator in the Guara Norte field in Brazil was looking for an efficient method to replace conventional coiled tubing (CT) when installing telemetry systems in vertical production wells. Telemetry systems provide valuable data and long-term reservoir monitoring, but using CT requires two time-consuming installation runs. The operator approached Welltec because our unconventional technology and innovative approach has proven to be both effective and cost-efficient.

Prior to mobilization, a System Integration Test (SIT) was carried out in order to verify compatibility of all components. Once confirmed, Welltec quickly mobilized the e-line solution to begin installation.

The telemetry system and standing valve was run in hole to desired depth, where the Well Stroker provided the down force to seat the valve in the nipple, and the data was read at surface. Once the Well Stroker was released from the standing valve, the toolstring was retrieved.

The entire installation operation was performed in one run taking only four hours. In comparison with conventional CT, the time-saving was significant: up to four times faster. Using the Well Stroker to set the telemetry system optimized the operational efficiency and saved valuable rig time.

The operator concluded that the Well Stroker is the best option to install the specific telemetry system; not only is it a faster, more efficient method, it is also inherently safer and creates more value. They now consider Welltec’s solution as their primary option for similar operations.