High latitude case stories spurred great interest

Last week Welltec presented an SPE paper to the audience at the Artic & Extreme Environments conference in Moscow. The presentation shared findings and lessons learned from an international array of high latitude intervention operations and presented best practice recommendations for e-line workovers in such extreme environments as the Arctic.

Working in high latitude environments pose a number of challenges like freezing temperatures, high winds, heavy down pours, extreme darkness and often isolated locations with logistical restrictions. These extreme conditions demands a lot from the personnel and equipment involved in the operations and specific precautions are necessary.

The paper, entitled “Case Studies: E-line ‘Heavy’ Workovers in High Latitude Environments”, can be downloaded from OnePetro.

Please contact Christian Krüger, VP Well Intervention Solutions, (Email: ckruger@welltec.com, P: +45 26 34 00 70) to learn more about our high latitude capabilities.