The Flex-Well® approach

In our new, 2016 Welltec® Completion Solutions brochure you can explore applications to unlock new completion designs which are optimal for your budget and reservoir.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

The Flex-Well® completion approach allows you to fast track and build wells which produce more, drain larger areas and won’t require interventions for years to come. The higher production and drainage per well enables you to reduce the overall number of platforms or land locations required, significantly reducing your overall CAPEX.

This brochure details product specifications as well as provides the latest case stories from various well environments and locations across the world. Our clients have benefitted from this unique technology to accomplish zonal isolation, cement assurance and even cementless, standalone primary barriers in environments where it was previously impossible.

At the heart of the Flex-Well® completion is the Welltec® Annular Barrier, a rugged, large expansion ratio, expandable metal barrier that can be used for a wide variety of applications including zonal isolation, cement assurance and sustained casing pressure protection.

Qualified up to ISO14310 V0 leak criteria and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 the WAB® is designed to deliver outstanding performance across a wide range of operating conditions.


Value throughout the life of the well


Mitigate the uncertainties due to reservoir characterization


Reduce overall CAPEX and fast track production while drilling and completing wells faster and safer

Primary production

Harness higher initial production rates, generating better return on invested capital

Secondary production

Optimize production over the life of the well for maximum recovery


Cost effective approach built in from the start

The Flex-Well® can provides all these benefits while simultaneously offering an approach that results in fewer people required, less complex operations and smaller amounts of equipment deployed for shorter amounts of time.

Welltec®, celebrating 20 years of delivering game-changing solutions.