First Drill Pipe Cut Performed with the Well Cutter 358, August 2014

The precision cut needed to be made below the upper collar of the last stand, just above the x-over from the 5-1/2” to 5” section. The toolstring tagged the x-over and correlated against the drill pipe tally to locate the cutter pads precisely on depth.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

The cutting operation went on for 10 hours at which point a number of different SRO indicators proved a successful cut. The driller cautiously pulled the drill pipe up 3.28 ft. for confirmation of the effective cut.

The operator was extremely pleased with the result of the operation. Tools and personnel were mobilized at short notice and the operation took just over 30 hours from rig up to rig down. Once the drill pipe was recovered to surface, the smooth, conical profile of the cut was confirmed.

This operation was testament to the Well Cutter’s applicability for drill pipe cutting, and it is now considered a viable and safer alternative for operations where traditional explosive methods may cause too much damage.

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