Extended Unconventionals? Extended Efficiency!

Clean-outs can be performed in extended, deviated wells with great efficiency. We know because we just did it and we have a long track record of efficient e-line clean-outs.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

This operator in Eagle Ford, Texas, had been attempting to convey a production logging string on coiled tubing (CT) in their extended horizontals. After numerous unsuccessful efforts they approached us to provide an alternative on e-line. There were a few operational challenges: a 4,681 ft long horizontal section plus a well deviation of 89°, which made the Well Tractor the perfect conveyance solution.

In addition, it was believed that a specific type of debris from a previous frac plug milling operation had not been picked up on the CT clean-out run. This was causing CT to reach early lock-up. To remove the debris the Well Cleaner Power Suction Tool High Flow (PST HF) was requested due to previous achievements for the same operator.

After two runs the Well Cleaner PST HF conveyed by the Well Tractor had retrieved all the mixed materi­al composite buttons from the frac plugs. This cleared the way for the Well Tractor to convey the PLT to total depth as planned. The successful operation demonstrated how efficient the Well Tractor is for performing logging runs in extended unconventionals.

By retrieving the debris to surface instead of dispersing it downhole, our clean-out solution allowed the operator to analyze the recovered material. This will provide valuable information when planning future interventions in the well.

The e-line intervention improved logistics and avoided the need to mobilize tanks of fluids as the Well Cleaner PST drags the debris into built-in bailer sections rather than injecting fluids into well. A further benefit of the Well Cleaner PST is the ability to operate in producing wells, which increases efficiency and allows for continued production.