Excellent Conveyance Solutions in the UK North Sea

In this industry you need confidence where it matters, at the well site. When a client demanded production logging (PLT) data from a challenging well located in the UK portion of the North Sea, the incumbent service provider was unable to tractor to the required depth. Welltec had also been mobilized as a contingency, but quickly rigged up and performed the job flawlessly.

Despite challenging well conditions the Well Tractor’s performance was outstanding. It reached speeds in excess of 5,400 feet/hr and performed all the required PLT passes with excellent results while going approximately 40% faster than the pre-job planning of the previous provider.

Success promotes opportunity and based on these results, the Well Tractor was chosen by this operator as the primary conveyance solution for the next well in the campaign. This job involved conveying a PLT using a tandem Well Tractor configuration to negotiate a Y-tool installed in the completion. Again, Welltec’s technology performed excellently and logging was completed from 7,404 ft to 10,940 ft, accomplishing the objectives.