E-Line Milling Increases Production by 150%

Faced with several wells becoming plugged by scale, an operator was looking for the ideal method to restore well productivity. Several reservoirs were sensitive to foreign fluid invasion and all the wells contained nipple profiles, limiting access further. After consideration they concluded that Welltec’s milling and cleaning solutions run on e-line provided the most flexibility and advantages.

On the first well, initially only a cleaning solution for scale milling was planned; however, it became apparent that running larger OD perforating guns would benefit the recompletion. Hence it also became necessary to remove the nipple profiles in order to gain the required minimum access of 3.5” in the well. Welltec delivered a complete solution that removed the nipple profiles, milled out the scale build up and removed all the debris from the wellbore.

The whole operation was completed in six days, offshore Indonesia. After Welltec’s successful interventions, the client was able to perforate the required zones and increase well production from 1.13 MMSCF to 3.8 MMSCF. Welltec’s milling and cleaning solutions also recovered scale samples, allowing the operator to analyze it for potential remediation. And finally, this robotic, e-line intervention did not require pumping large amounts of fluids into a sensitive reservoir.

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