Double nipple profile removal in one run – a world’s first

Two nipple profiles were obstructing the wellbore preventing an operator offshore Indonesia from installing a tubing patch in a producing well. Welltec was called to assist and within less than 15 hours and 30 minutes including rig up / down the obstruction was removed; a highly efficient operation with no non-productive time. This was the first time two nipple profiles have been machined away in a single run and demonstrates the capabilities of this technology to accomplish workovers on e-line.

A Well Stroker® and a Well Miller® NPR was run in hole, the latter fitted with a custom bit for nipple profile removal. The first nipple profile was tagged and milled through in just 18 minutes; then the toolstring continued to the second nipple profile. After 3 hours and 46 minutes the profile was completely removed. The success of the operation was confirmed by passing through the nipple profile area with the tool.

To learn more about the technology applied please view the Milling Solutions brochure or read the full case story Two nipple profiles removed in one run – a world’s first.