Major oil companies attend Welltec technology event

On March 1-2, representatives from some of Germany’s biggest oil operators attended a Welltec and Multiline technology event. Taking place in Diepholz, Niedersachsen, and with more than 60 participants from the German oil and gas industry, the event included various presentations and live tool demonstrations.


Kevin Giles
Area Vice President
Phone: +44 7837 094788

Current low global oil prices have forced the industry to look at smarter, more collaborative approaches to reduce costs in the industry. Recently, Welltec has combined forces with the German e-line provider, Multiline, aiming  to deliver unique e-line technologies to operators and other oil and gas companies in the German market.

Among other items, the two day event included a variety of tools, including live demonstrations of the Well Cutter, which eliminates the use of explosives, and the Well Cleaner PST which, using high-rate fluid circulation, agitates the debris and captures it in bailers within the tool.

Additionally,  the participants got to see and understand static tool displays as well as enjoy various presentations on e-line technology and completion solutions – all designed for reducing cost and time, while increasing recovery.

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