Cutting 5-1/2″ Tubing on Deepwater Drill Ship with Pipe in 30,000 lbs Compression, September 2014


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

Recently the Well Cutter’s ability to cut in compression ensured a very time-efficient job execution offshore Nigeria. Further challenges included limited rig-up height as the operation was performed from a drill ship. 

The well was drilled and completed in July 2013, but due to regulations the operator was required to recomplete the well as a dual pro¬ducer. This entailed pulling the upper completion. The operator considered cutting the main packer but was concerned about the serious problems a partial cut could lead to. Therefore they elected to cut the tubing above the packer instead. The program called for cutting the 5-1/2” 20#, 13Cr pipe in order to retrieve the tubing.

During operations it was decided that cutting the tubing would be sufficient for the recompletion requirement. This would avoid the need to locate the string in the selective nipple below the packer, which contributed to an efficient operation. The Well Cutter blades were positioned in the tubing cut¬ting zone above the packer at 6,480 ft. Once correlation was duly con¬firmed the cutting operation commenced and a flawless cut was produced in ~ 4 ½ hours.

Two days of rig time were saved compared to the alternative cutting technologies because of the Well Cutter’s ability to cut in compression. This saved the operator from having to remove the subsea tree in order for the tubing to be put in tension by a rig.

Client quote
“We are very pleased with the outcome. It came out as expected and we do not plan any dressing at this time.”
Completion Engineer – Deepwater Drilling Team