Celebrating 20 years of Innovation

In late March of 1996, in a field called Gullfaks, offshore Norway, the world’s first successful Well Tractor® job was carried out. Returning from the job, the client and the Welltec crew, consisting of Jørgen Hallundbæk and Jesper Oluf Larsen, spoke excitedly about the results and the enormous potential this technology introduced to the industry.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

Fast forward 20 years to a world where Welltec and its brave customers have created a unique market, based upon self-made, disruptive technology to forge a vision and deliver results that the industry did not think possible.

Since 1996, Welltec has conducted more than 36,000 operations around the globe, tractoring ~ 100,000,000 feet and capturing many of the industry’s most prestigious awards while doing so

Passing a milestone like this is cause for celebration, a chance to mark the event and thank all the individuals that have, and continue to contribute, to this journey.

So today let’s celebrate that unique characteristic of Welltec, our people and our customers; to continuously push the boundaries of what is thought possible, to continue the vison that was begun 20 years ago.

Let’s transform the industry, shall we?