Another successful cementless completion delivered

Thirteen Welltec Annular Barriers (WAB™) were successfully installed during the recent, second field deployment of this innovative, new Completion Solutions. The result is a cementless lower completion with seven pressure isolated zones that will last the full lifespan of the well.

This unique zonal isolation capability is enabled through surface-controlled, hydraulic expansion of the metal WABs that consequently contact and conform to the formation, effectively sealing off the zones. The WAB™ has been developed in cooperation with a number of operators to meet even harsh well environments, sealing in non-uniform and in-gauge boreholes, thus eliminating the shortcoming of traditional packers while maintaining the qualities.

This operation took place in the North Sea, offshore Norway, where a total of thirteen 5m long WAB’s were mounted on the exterior of a 7 5/8” liner. This allowed a maximum diameter, full-bore liner with rotational capability to be deployed in the 10” hole. Once the liner hanger was set, the WABs were hydraulically expanded under surface control, while simultaneously work hardening the alloy, within the 2,134 m (7,000 ft.) horizontal section of the 5,486 m MD (18,000 ft.) well.

All WAB’s were successfully expanded resulting in a cementless lower completion with seven pressure isolated zones.

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