412 Well Tractor receives praise on Angola job

Welltec was called upon when an operator in Angola needed to perform cement bond logging in a 14” OD casing, offshore Angola. Due to the large casing, our 412 Well Tractor was the only conveyance solution which could accomplish the job on e-line.

A System Integration Test was successfully conducted prior to load out. The toolstring, consisting of the 412 Well Tractor and bond logging tools, was run into the well. At the kick-off point at 9,711 ft. (2,960 m) the Well Tractor was activated and successfully tractored to the total depth at 11,903 ft. (3,628 m). Here the logging tools were activated and data acquired for cement integrity evaluation. Both the Well Tractor 412 and CBL tools worked flawlessly and the operation was accomplished in ~18 hours.

“Please extend my compliments to your team for an excellent job on the bond logging. I was very impressed with their motivation / participation in all aspects of the job from safety to execution. I have great faith in your guys’ abilities after seeing this well and will pass on to our completions guys here,” said Philip Neff, BP Ops Petro physicist, Luanda, Angola.

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