41 Perforation Runs Increases Efficiency, Oman

Our ability to conduct operations safer and more sustainably were made evident when we enabled an operator in Oman to optimize the intervention strategy. And not only did our e-line solution ensure safer interventions, it also generated valuable time savings on these horizontal perforations.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

Previously, the operator had been conducting perforations using coiled tubing conveyance. Although successful this method was also time-consuming as the rig-up procedure was lengthy and the operating times extended. Therefore the operator decided to apply Welltec’s e-line Well Tractor® as the preferred conveyance solution.

In total, a 1,916 ft long total interval was successfully perforated using the 2 1/8” Well Tractor. This was accomplished over four phases in order to test the flow between the different perforation stages.

Being able to conduct all the perforations on e-line secured a much more efficient operation both in terms of time and costs compared to the alternatives. Noticeably fewer people were required on location which, combined with the lightweight nature of our e-line technology, reduced risks and also eliminated heavy lifts.

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