1,500 lbs of Sand Removed on E-line

We have set another record with our powerful clean-out solution. During an operation in the North Sea the Well Cleaner PST retrieved a total of 1,500 lbs of sand with up to >300 lbs in two of the runs. The operation actually started as a drift run but owing to the remarkable efforts by the Well Cleaner the job went from drift to world record performance.


Terje Skeie
Senior Vice President Scandinavia

The well had a history of sand production, but at the time of the operation the operator was not certain of the hold-up depth (HUD). As they now wanted to inspect the integrity and add more perforations it became important to establish the exact HUD. First they wanted to run the Well Cleaner RCB as a drift run for debris removal and determination of the HUD. However, this plan changed quickly as our clean-out solutions demonstrated just how effective they are.

A broad range of e-line clean-out technologies executed nine successful runs. On two of these runs we sat a record by removing >300 lbs of sand – in each run.

In total over 1,552 lbs of sand was successfully collected over a distance of ~ 1,735 ft. This enabled the operator to perform the logging run and make an informed decision on the perforations.

Our outstanding execution demonstrated how light, e-line clean-out solutions can deliver many of the objectives that the operator has for other wells without a workover rig or coiled tubing unit.

You can read the full story here.