Track Records

Welltec Awards

In addition to the introduction of technology that has revolutionized the industry, Welltec also holds many world records from its application.


  • Subsea installment of the Welltec® Annular Barrier , WAB®, in a deepwater well without the use of cement
  • First Welltec® Flow Valves (WFV) installed – Africa
  • Launch of Welltec Cutter® 318 and 414 – High temperature
  • Well Cutter®  severs 5 7/8”, 26.3# drill pipe in 2 minutes and 50 seconds
  • Welltec® Annular Barrier replaces cement as a primary well barrier
  • Introduction of Well Cleaner® 218 RCB and Well Cleaner® 218 WBH
  • Well Stroker® SRO 2.0 (Surface Read-out) provides controlled force and distance

Track record

Welltec Annular Barrier® replaces cement
as a primary well barrier


  • Welltec® Annular Barrier passes ISO/API VO qualification testing
  • The Welltec® Annular Barrier, is installed and verified as a standalone, primary well barrier – Statoil, North Sea.
  • World’s first installation of a Welltec® Annular Barrier in the Middle East which was ALSO the longest and fastest installation of a Welltec® Annular Barrier while rotating pipe
  • Achieving a new world record for RLWI e-line interventions in open water at 8,087 ft water depth
  • Performing two cuts with the Well Cutter® – in the same run
  • Cutting through both 7″ tubing and BASO4 scale
  • Launch of the WellLIT®, the industry’s first e-line tool designed to provide rigless access into lateral wellbores.
  • Launch of Well Stroker® XXS delivering up to 100,000 lbs of applied force.
  • Retrieving 80 liters of sand in one run offshore Norway
  • Cutting tubing under compression in ultra-deepwater well in Nigeria
  • First operation performed with the world’s shortest tractor, the 10 ft Well Tractor® CR (Compact Rig-up)
  • World’s first e-line milling operation on a reinforced concrete, hydrocarbon storage cell

Track records

Longest cumulative distance tractored on one job is
a respectable 423,723 ft achieved offshore Norway with the Well Tractor® NG


  • World’s first crown plug pulling on e-line
  • Achieving the world record of water depth: 3,991 ft
  • World’s first removal of asphaltenes on e-line
  • Longest distance tractored in one well with the Well Tractor® 218 in open hole: 46,801 ft
  • Milling through plug bull nose on e-line, RLWI
  • Most SSD’s opened /closed in a single run in
    the well: 18 SSD’s
  • World’s first removal of two nipple profiles in one run
  • World’s first nipple milling with 2 1/8″ tools
  • World’s first thru-tubing ESP swap on e-line

Track records

Deepest water depth using Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) using e-line in open water:
 8,087 ft in the Gulf of Mexico


  • The Well Cutter®, the Welltec Setting Tool & the Welltec Dual Kickover Tool are introduced
  • World record: reaching 28,362 ft depth in OH with the Well Tractor® 212 CT
  • Milling 173 ft of hydrate blocking a subsea well using RLWI
  • World’s first Well Cutter® intervention – making the perfect cut offshore Russia
  • First operation with the Welltec® Annular Barriers (WAB®)

Track records

Longest distance driven. The Well Tractor® drove

34,900 ft over 4 passes in one run in Norway


  • The Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) is introduced
  • Fishing lost in hole cable with the Well Miller® – world’s first
  • RLWI bridge plug retrieval – world’s first
  • Removing ball and ball seat on e-line
  • First closing of FS2 valve in Malaysia

Track records

Deepest well intervention. In a Canadian well, the Well Tractor went as deep as 33,031 ft


  • First mechanical setting of XN Plug in GOM
  • Performing milling of iron sulfide scale on e-line
  • Breaking the world record for longest cumulative distance driven (269,544 ft)
  • Breaking the world record for deepest well intervention (33,031 ft MD)

Track records

Highest amount of compression force experienced during a non-explosive pipe cut: 30,000 lbs offshore UK


  • The Well Cleaner® PST, Well Tractor® 412 & Well Miller® NPR are introduced
  • World’s first job using the new Select Fire Perforating Switch System
  • The first jobs with the Well Tractor® 412 were successfully executed
  • The Well Tractor® achieved approx. 31,000 ft of Logging While Tractoring in a single run in the hole

Track records

Longest distance driven in one pass, open hole: 5,085 ft, which was performed in Saudi


  • The Well Tractor® 212 CT is introduced
  • Introducing the breakthrough technology of milling nipple profiles on wireline
  • World’s first milling of bridge plugs on wireline is performed

Track records

Highest deviation. The Well Tractor® intervened in a well with a 130° deviation in Norway


  • The Well Cleaner® RCB & Well Cleaner® 218 LE are introduced
  • The Well Cleaner® RCB is the first tool to mill out obstructions and also retrieve the cuttings to surface

Track records

Highest gun weight with standard wireline Well Tractor: 3,475 lbs (218 ft, 2 7/8″ gun), which was conveyed in a well in the UK


  • The Well Stroker® 218, Well Key® 218 & Well Miller® 212 are introduced
  • World’s first setting of bridge plug under high x-flow
  • The Well Cleaner achieved a run of eight chambers with up to 100% recovery rates

Track records

Highest gun weight with Well Tractor® CT : 18,000 lbs (1000 ft, 3 3/8″ gun), which was conveyed uphill in a UK well with a 92° deviation


  • The Well Cleaner® 312 DE & Welltec Release Device® are introduced
  • Tractoring PLM through LEM with diverter installed
  • Conveying 32 select fire detonators in one run

Track records

Highest toolstring weight in open hole. A toolstring of 110 ft and 3800 lbs was conveyed on a job in Norway


  • New technology is introduced: The Well Miller® 318 CT & Well Tractor® 218 XR
  • The Well Miller® milled through scale bridge on a UK operation, which was a world’s first
  • The first Coiled Tubing Well Tractor® operation in an open hole was performed in Saudi Arabia

Track records

Deepest PLT (Production Log Testing) on wireline: 26,880 ft in a well in Canada


  • New technolgy is introduced: The Well Cleaner®, Well Key®, Well Brush (now part of the
    Well Cleaner® portfolio) & the Well Tractor® 218 XR with DC Motor, which enables logging while tractoring
  • The Well Miller® milled through scale bridge on a UK operation, which was a world’s first
  • The first Coiled Tubing Well Tractor® operation in an open hole was performed in Saudi Arabia
  • The Well Miller®’s first milling through a flapper valve was conducted in Norway
  • The first wireline opening of both a sliding sleeve valve and an isolation valve was done by the Well Stroker® and Well Key®

Track records

Deepest bottom hole sampling on wireline. A sampling at 26,880 ft was executed in Canada


  • The Well Stroker® 318


  • The Well Tractor® 218 XR is introduced
  • In UK, the first operation with the Well Stroker® and the Well Tractor® was carried out successfully

Track records

Most cumulative feet tractored in a single well. An impressive 269,543 ft were tractored in a Canadian well


  • The Well Tractor® 318 XR is introduced
  • World’s first Well Tractor® intervention run from a sub sea intervention ship


  • In Oman, the Well Tractor® conducted its first open hole operation


  • The Well Tractor® 218 is introduced


  • The first 318 e-line and Well Tractors® CT are introduced to the market
  • The very first operation with the Well Tractor® was conducted in Norway


  • First field trial with the Well Tractor® 318


  • First plans for the Well Tractor® 318 on the drawing board