CLE.ON.CA.10.01.V1 Debris Removal On E Line In SAGD Compressor

Debris removal on E-line in SAGD

  • Maximum Temperature
    374° F
  • Distance Tractored
    4,715 ft


A horizontal SAGD well with wire wrapped screen configuration experienced a production decline. There were well-known sand problems in the well; however, the volume was unknown.

Operations were further complicated by the fact that the thermal oil well located in Central Alberta had extremely high temperatures.


To remove the sand, the Well Tractor® and Well Cleaner® configured with three bailer sections were mobilized. First, the Well Cleaner PST HF (Power Suction Tool, High Flow) was run in hole and after 7 runs, the bailers returned empty, confirming that all sand up to the hanger had been removed to a depth of 1,975 ft MD.

When reaching 2,083 ft MD, a large obstruction was encountered, believed to be asphaltene. Welltec then ran in hole with the Well Cleaner DE (Dry Environment), also configured with three bailer sections, and cleaned 6.5 ft more of the well. Finally, only one bailer section was used but hit an obstruction at 2,090 ft MD. The Well Cleaner DE cleaned down to 2,093 ft MD where it was not possible to pass the restriction.


• 310 liters of sand retrieved from the well ~ 2,073 ft distance cleared
• 22 runs successfully performed in 6 days
• 4 people mobilized vs. 8 for the alternative solution

Welltec’s lightweight wireline equipment eliminated the need for mobilizing conventional methods such as tubing bailer or pressurized tubing in order to circulate the debris to surface.

These solutions had, proven costly and technically challenging in thermal, deviated and open liner configuration.

Tools applied

  • Well Tractor®

    The Well Tractor was regarded as a revolution in the industry when it was introduced in the 1990’s. It enables operators to extend the reach of traditional e-line deployment into highly deviated and horizontal wells.

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  • Well Cleaner® Dry Environment

    The Well Cleaner Dry Environment (DE) is designed specifically for cleaning in dry environments. The auger at the tip loosens the debris and transports it into the bailer sections of the tool.

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  • Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool

    Our clean-out solutions ensure access into new wells and optimized production from old wells: removing sand and debris; cleaning SSSV seats; clearing obstructions; eliminating scale deposits; accessing isolation valves.

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