JNO191000 Well Tractor®CR Saves Rig Cost By Enabling Operations From BOP Deck

Well Tractor® CR saves rig cost by enabling operations from BOP deck

  • Tractor length
    Less than 3 meters
  • Operator savings
    21 Million NOK
  • Location
    North sea


Simultaneous operations (or SIMOPS) boost efficiencies and add value. On installations that can accommodate such operations, it is nearly always the preferred option to run interventions operations from a BOP deck which can run concurrently and without the need of the main rig.

This is exactly what one operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf had intended to do in order to perform a series of interventions without having to sacrifice other ongoing tasks through the main rig and avoid additional unnecessary rig costs.

However, opting to perform interventions away from the main rig is not without challenges and more often than not, BOP decks are normally heavily restricted in terms of available rig-up height, as was the case with this particular job, and this added further complexity to the whole operation.

This fact alone would have prevented most powered mechanical conveyance providers from being able to perform advanced operations in such confines. The added complexity and reduced tool length requirement for such an operation would be a ‘show stopper’ for most, however, having previously supported earlier similar operations, the client was fully aware that Welltec’s Compact Rig-Up Well Tractor (Well Tractor CR) could be utilized successfully from the BOP deck and approached Welltec® again regarding the use of the tractor. Because of this, Welltec was tasked with completing as many interventions as possible from the BOP deck with the Well Tractor CR.

The Well Tractor CR eliminated the need for the main rig to perform these interventions and saved the operator expensive rig time and cost for the duration of the jobs.


The Well Tractor Compact Rig-Up is the shortest tractor available on the market today and engineered to enable complex operations where rig-up height limitations can be prohibitive.

Due to its multiple flexible configurations, the tractor is the ideal means of powered mechanical conveyance for cost-effective conveyance of interventions services performed offshore. On installations and vessels where rig-up height is limited, Welltec’s short and lightweight compact conveyance solutions offer the speed and force normally associated with the full-size tool versions, whilst at the same time providing inherent benefits to logistics and reduced safety risks.


In 2019, Welltec completed a total of 5 successful operations from the BOP deck with the Well Tractor CR to perform Post Completions shifting and valve manipulation work (Well Tractor & Well Stroker®), Pre Plug & Abandonment preparation work (Well Tractor & Well Casing Cutter, Well Tractor & Well Puncher) as well as logging.

By effectively utilizing the Well Tractor CR from the BOP deck and enabling the rig to be used elsewhere, Welltec contributed to a 43% reduction in operational costs for the operator compared to performing these operations from the rig.
In conclusion, the Well Tractor CR represents a high tech, low risk solution that will enable cost savings for our offshore clients without being affected by restrictions such as rig-up height, that would normally prevent operations from moving forward.

Tools applied

  • Well Tractor®

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  • Well Stroker®

    The Well Stroker can push or pull multiple times in the same run irrespective of the depth and deviation. It delivers up to 100,000 lbs of axial force downhole using a bi-directional hydraulic ram.

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  • Well Cutter®

    Efficient, safe drill pipe, liner, tubing and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives. The Well Cutter uses a rotating head to remove pipe incrementally, which prevents the creation of shavings.

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  • Welltec® Puncher

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