812WAB® with feedthru for DTS fiber

Zonal isolation
WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier - case story JABZ161849
  • Well type Well injector
  • Welltecs 1st feedthrough wab deployment globally 2nd WAB installation for this IOC in the UK
  • Welltec, client and 3rd party fibre provider Allowed bespoke solution delivered on time
  • CRITICAL OPEN HOLE PLACEMENT PROVIDED Isolation of water bearing zones above reservoir


An IOC in the UK needed to isolate a wet shale/sand zone, shallow of the reservoir with a NACE compliant barrier & ¼” DTS feed thru. It was imperative that a barrier established shallow of the reservoir to prevent water production over life of well.

This being a repeat order for the field utilizing the 812WAB. The SIT incorporates full pressure test of the feed thru solution prior to mobilization. 812WAB mobilized with the DTS pre-spooled.


An 812WAB5:2 mounted on 4 ½” 25 cr super duplex was deployed in combination with on / off remote first open valves and swellable type packers for zonal isolation. An inner string was utilized to operate the toe circulation valve.

Circulation to the toe during deployment, the toe valve closed as the inner string is pulled up. The WABs expanded quickly under surface control, liner hanger set and running string released. Remote first open on / off valves opened and well put onto production.

Low Delta P and open hole with no wash out enables low cost zonal isolation packers to be utilized between zones.


Successful deployment paves the way for the customers future development requirements requiring zonal isolation with DTS fiber.

Fast and efficient isolation of water bearing zone without the requirement to wait on swell packer activation.

Annular barrier provides shale isolation whilst facilitating fibre optic feed thru for life of well distributed temperature sensing.

Zonal isolation
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