1214WAB® provides cross flow isolation to negate SCP

Well construction & integrity
WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier - case story JOM161074
  • Well type Tight gas producer
  • Formation Tight sandstone
  • Enhanced well construction via wab Reduces risk and provides life of well SCP barrier
  • Wab rotational ability added value Through enhanced primary cementing operation
  • Wab tested & qualified to provide V0 liner barrier Provides V3 barrier isolation in the 12 ¼” section
  • Location Oman


An IOC in Oman had issues on the initial three wells of a seven well campaign whereby cross–flow between 2 x water zones was contaminating cement during curing and subsequently allowing for gas migration within the B annulus.


During deployment 9 5/8" casing hit several obstructions and the string was worked through the obstruction with rotation, reciprocation and circulation.

Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB) set within the 12 ¼” open hole at approximately 1,500m.

Cement was pumped with partial losses during the operation, cement returns to surface were observed. The cement plug was bumped and pressure increased to 5,000 psi to expand WAB with a pressure hold at 5,000 psi.

Planned TOC 300m shallow of the WAB, within the 13 3/8” shoe


Welltec® supplied and deployed a 1214WAB (qualified to 6,000 psi V3 (leak criteria) and 1,500 V0 (leak criteria) mounted on 9 5/8” csg; to improve well integrity via the prevention of cross flow during the cement curing.

For this application, the expansion port shut off valve was further qualified to 7,500 psi V0 (leak criteria) and 11,000 psi V3 (leak criteria) at 150°C. This compares to their worst production load (tubing leaking gas to surface) delivering a Delta P of 6,000 psi across the casing wall.

WAB enables well construction barrier in challenging cost sensitive gas application.

Well construction & integrity
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