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Geothermal Energy

Extend Asset Life via Enhanced Well Construction

Geothermal Applications

Geothermal energy offers the highest capacity factor in the renewable market, and this energy source, requires a consistently high temperature fluid flow to ensure a reliable output.
    Prolonged asset life via enhanced well construction


During the construction of these high temperature wells, there is a requirement for high temperature packer solutions to enhance well construction and protect the life span of these wellbores, to provide zonal isolation for stimulation and furthermore to facilitate the remediation of wells that are shut in due to casing collapse or bread, a common issue in this sector.

Case highlight

Geothermal applications

A geothermal well operator had to shut in its most prolific producer (20 MW) due to 13-3/8” casing failure and the loss of the 7” slotted production liner from acidic corrosion...

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Welltec's solutions

As geothermal technology keeps developing, our completions solutions offer the opportunity of taking control of geothermal reservoirs by minimizing the risks and challenges associated with formation uncertainties and high temperatures. 

Welltec's solutions offer the growing geothermal market the option of both reviving 'shut in' existing wells and enhancing new well construction for a prolonged and reliable lifespan of providing a stable fluid/steam flow.

The WAB® allows for enhanced well integrity, high expansion zonal isolation of undesired inflow/outflow zones, and when coupled to our WFVTM (Welltec® Flow Valve) allows for access and flow control for both production and injection. Combined they offer the unique opportunity of establishing enhanced geothermal systems and ensuring reliable flow in conventional open and closed holes.

Current designs of the WAB are qualified for 300°C, which can be used for injection and production wells with the possibility of modifications to address specific requirements.

Well Construction & Integrity

Sustained Annular Pressure (SAP) affects (>30%) wells globally and is present within multiple annuli. Since 2009, well integrity has cost operators over USD 75 billion. This has provided the impetus for the industry to focus on and rework international standards on well integrity management.

Abandon Rig


Globally, operators are faced with a large volume of wells, that require plug & abandonment, and they are now realizing that these wells have not been constructed to accommodate risk free, CAPEX effective P&A.