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Intervention GHG Emissions Hero 1920x 1080

Reduce GHG emissions

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Small equipment for cleaner interventions

One of Welltec’s key values is to provide solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment. This is achieved by building small equipment for performing interventions, resulting in less emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. Welltec’s solutions can even be transported by helicopter, minimizing both impact on the environment and mobilization time. 

Value proposition

  • Reduction in rig up/rig down effort in terms of heads, timescale and the sheer volume of the equipment required
  • Significant reduction in headcount across the job cycle, reducing overall complexity and coupling
  • Substantially fewer lifts and lighter loads required during operations
  • Reduced risk of incidents as well as an improved environmental footprint from reduced effort and energy consumption
  • Lower direct costs as fewer people are required, lower energy consumption, less production down time.

A major reduction in the overall footprint of well interventions

A client in Gabon encountered issues with debris in one of their wells in a remote part of this West African country. Welltec® quickly mobilized its team with a Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool (PST) and e-line Well Tractor® and delivered a low carbon intervention with the lightest possible physical footprint.


  • Removed 2,700 lbs of debris
  • Reduced lifting operations, time and cost
  • Minimized footprint, land clearance, platform space
  • Required only two intervention experts
  • Deployed 10 tonnes of equipment vs. 300
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