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By eliminating sustained casing pressure (SCP), we’re also helping to reduce GHG emissions

Safeguarding more than 1,000 wells across the globe

Methane emissions are 80 times more harmful to the environment than CO2.  By ensuring reliable well integrity, the buildup of Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) and methane emissions can both be prevented. 

Welltec® has installed patented completion products in more than 1,000 wells across the globe, establishing an impeccable track record in helping its partners address these important safety and environmental challenges.

What is Sustained Casing Pressure?

Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP), also sometimes referred to as Sustained Annulus Pressure (SAP), is a well integrity issue that arises when pressure is detected in the well casing annuli, and continues to build up in the space between different casing strings. 

SCP affects approximately 30% of wells across the globe, and if not addressed can lead to a potentially dangerous build-up of pressure that eventually has to be released.  This usually results in the unwanted flaring or direct release of potent methane emissions into the atmosphere, meaning that harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) are allowed to escape from the underground formation where they are naturally stored.

Addressing SCP is vital for mitigating the environmental impact of the energy industry.  At Welltec, we prioritize sustainable well design practices to prevent SCP and methane emissions, contributing to combating climate change for a greener future.

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The Welltec Solution

Welltec offers a full range of industry-leading metal expandable packers. These unique products are all designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house.

The V0 WAB range is qualified to the highest criteria and industry standards – IS01410 V0 – ensuring a gas-tight seal and life-of-well barrier against SCP, in turn preventing methane and other GHG emissions.

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Safeguarding the environment

The use of WAB® technology provides many additional environmental benefits throughout the entire chain of the well construction and completion process, not only preventing methane emissions but also making operations more efficient overall. 

Some of the most serious issues can arise from poor cement bond, compromising the integrity of the well, particularly outside the production casing which can lead to catastrophic failures and underground blowouts. 

The pitfalls of cement

Welltec’s metal expandable packer technology can reduce or eliminate the need for cementing operations, addressing the issues associated with poor cement bond and potential underground blowouts.  This not only enhances well integrity but also contributes to a 10-15% reduction in operating time, lowering rig-time, costs, and other externalities that would otherwise increase the GHG footprint.

Welltec's innovative solutions, including cementless completions, demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability in oil and gas operations.

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