Removing lock mandrel to return well to production

An operator, offshore India’s East Coast, needed to remove a thru tubing sand screen (TTSS) in a well that was being converted to injector. The TTSS was placed thru a 3.5″ QX Lock Mandrel which was set on a 3.5″ SSD nipple.

A slickline operation had been unable to remove the TTSS even after more than 300 attempts of jarring. After thorough risk assessment and testing at the Welltec® yard, Welltec® mobilized to the well site. This was a platform, which in addition to crane and space limitations, had daylight only restrictions. It was Welltecs first operation of releasing a Lock Mandrel in the Asia Pacific region. The first run revealed debris on top of the sand screen and a clean-out run was performed with a Well Cleaner® PST High Volume. The subsequent run with the Well Stroker® successfully retrieved the TTSS and the operation was completed in a single day.

Downtime was reduced to just five days and the operator avoided having to mobilize heavy equipment with a much larger footprint. During subsequent well testing, well injection of 22,000 bwpd was achieved compared to 0 with TTSS in the well. The well is now ready for the operator to convert to an injector which will facilitate an increase in production from the depleting field.

To learn more about the technology applied please view the Clean-out Solutions brochure or Mechanical Solutions brochure or read the full case story: Removing lock mandrel to return the well to production.

Welltec popular in Kazakhstan

The Welltec booth was popular at the recent Atyrau Oil & Gas show in Kazakhstan, 16-18 April, 2013. Many visitors dropped by to discuss our technologies and they were keen to learn more about our inherently safer intervention solutions. Specifically, our Clean-out and Conveyance Solutions were of particular interest. The visitors represented a broad selection of the industry: from operators and logging companies, to pipeline services and training centers. This event also marked the introduction of our new, Russian brochure.

Please click here to download the Russian brochure.

Record turnout at Welltec sponsored SPE Copenhagen meeting

Welltec sponsored the April gathering of the SPE Copenhagen section inviting members to the charming Copenhagen Admiral hotel and conference center, where the members enjoyed two highly interesting presentations and a unique opportunity to meet some of the minds behind the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB™). This is a novel, completion solution recently launched by Welltec at IADC in Amsterdam, as a first step in the developing the Flex-Well™ concept.

After a cocktail reception, Paul Hazel, VP Completion Solutions began the evening by presenting the vision of the Flex-Well™, a simple, flexible completion style for retaining access to the sand face while building simple wells or multi-lateral, extended reach wells.

Following dinner, Henrik Nicolaisen of Total E&P Denmark took the participants through project to explore opportunities for shale gas in Denmark, sharing some of the local challenges as well as global successes for perspective.

The evening offered interesting, thought-provoking knowledge sharing and a good opportunity for networking with industry peers. The turnout exceeded all expectations and Welltec would like to thank all who joined us at the event, making the evening a great success.

To read more about the WAB™, please go to the Solution webpage or download the Completion Solutions brochure or case story High pressure cementless zonal acid stimulation.

No vacant seats at SPE Bergen presentation

The Welltec stand was popular at the recent SPE Bergen one day seminar. Featuring interesting technical discussions and a good number of experts, we had a good response from the visitors. Our technical presentation on the First Nipple Profile Milling using 218 E-line Tools was well received and filled the largest of the conference rooms with no vacant seats.

To read more about this case story, please click here.

Welltec delivers technology

Once again Welltec had a great show at ICoTA, this year emphasized by winning the Intervention Technology Award with our latest innovation: The Well Cutter™. The exhibition overall ended with a record turnout and visitors to our stand were impressed by Welltec’s technical capabilities.

Intervention Technology Award Winner
Welltec received distinguished attention this year when the Senior Chairman of ICoTA presented the Intervention Technology Award to Alex McKay on behalf of Welltec for the Well Cutter™. This is a novel tool that enables efficient and safe drill pipe, liner, tubing, packer and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives. The winner’s trophy – the ‘Quaich’ – exhibited at our stand, drew a lot of interest, and the longstanding Scottish tradition of sharing scotch in the Quaich was honored during a dinner event, where clients, partners and employees joined us in celebration.

Technical Content
Welltec was the technology behind five SPE papers, which were presented by operators, one of which featured the Well Cutter™. Also drawing attention from service providers and operators alike was content on Welltec’s unique Clean-out and Milling solutions.

SPE 163890: Electric-Line Pipe-Cutting Operation Optimizes Completion Removal, Offshore Russia by Howard Otten and Bill Connon (Sakhalin Energy), Alex McKay, Kirill Kirsanov and Moray McGillivray (Welltec).

SPE 163925: Optimal Sand Cleaning Algorithms for Planning and Executing Electric Wireline Suction Tool Operations by W. Nunez (OXY Colombia), L. Perez, B. Schwanitz (Welltec).

SPE 163939: Electric-Line Milling System Removes Stuck Frac Sleeve without Damaging the Subsurface Safety Valve Landing Nipple by Josiah Igwe (BP), Carl Diller and Robert (Bob) Harris (Northern Solutions), and Jeremy Albright and Jesper Lykkebo (Welltec).

SPE 163931: Using Electric-Line Tools to Clean Wellbore Laterals and Perforate Toes by L.D. Gomez (Welltec), N. Miller, and K. Binnion (Marathon Oil Corporation).

SPE 163943: Retrieval of an Inflatable Plug Using Only Slickline and Electric-Line Technology by Ben Smith, Jeffrey Stricker, Kevin Reckert (Shell), Floyd Thibodeaux (Baker Hughes), and James Greenlee, Angel Luviano, and Duane Kent (Welltec).

The ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference takes place every year in the Woodlands, Texas. It is one of the global E&P industry’s foremost venues for the latest intervention technologies, electric line, slickline, hydraulic workover and coiled tubing used in the well servicing industry.

The Flex-Well™ takes a big step forward

The industry received Welltec’s new technology for cementless completions and zonal isolation with much excitement and positive feedback at the SPE/IADC Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam, March 5-7th.

“With the introduction of the Welltec Annular Barrier, the Flex-Well vision becomes a reality. We have been looking forward to this launch for years,” says Paul Hazel, VP Well Completion Solutions at Welltec, and explains: “The Flex-Well™ concept significantly reduces total well construction, risk, time and costs, maximizes early production and increases ultimate recoverables without compromising the long-term well integrity. It delivers inherently safer wells.”

The WAB™ is the first of its kind in the market; a new generation, all metal, expandable barrier, designed for life-of-well, that enables cementless completion and zonal isolation under a wide range of operating environments. The WAB™ for zonal isolation has been tested to withstand conditions up to 10K Delta P and 300°C, and can set in minutes. Many of the shortcomings of current open hole or cased hole packers are eliminated with the introduction of the WAB™. It is nimble and rugged to install and provides a much higher reliability and success ratio both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

“We had a very successful launch of The WAB™ – it was well received. We experienced great interest due to its unique capabilities and the prospect of the whole Flex-Well™ solution. It clearly fulfills a need among the operators and we are proud to once again push the boundaries beyond what was thought to be possible only a few years back!” says Paul Hazel and concludes: “We could not have done this without our excellent and dedicated employees, and the cooperation of the various operators who have been involved.”

IADC is the International Association of Drilling Contractors
SPE is the Society of Petroleum Engineers

Welltec draws a crowd

The Welltec stand at MEOS had a good flow of visitors interested in learning more about our unconventional, lightweight intervention tools, which among other things enables operators to maximize production via conveying CT and logging tools to TD, cleaning out scale and deposits, opening / closing SSD’s and much more.

In addition to a number of demo tools and animations for review and discussion, the novel Well Cutter™ tool was also on display. This is an e-line tool that provides efficient and safe drill pipe, liner, tubing and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives.

“The Well Cutter™ offers important HSE and operational improvements and we’re very proud of the way it’s been received by our clients. On its first job, a 4 ½” 12.6 #/ft tubing in a well offshore Russia, the operator was so satisfied he stated that the Well Cutter™ provided the ‘perfect cut’. Here in the region, the tool is also being actively utilized. We’re currently working on a multi well campaign for a major operator – again with great success,” says Mohamed Farouk, Area Vice President Middle East and North Africa.

Well Cutter™ wins Intervention Technology Award

Welltec’s newest technology, the Well Cutter™, has once again received honors; this time winning the Intervention Technology Award at this year’s ICoTA Well Intervention and Coiled Tubing Conference & Exhibition, which was held in The Woodlands, Texas at the end of March. Brian Schwanitz, Senior Chairman of ICoTA, presented the Intervention Technology Award to Alex McKay receiving it on behalf of Welltec after an excellent presentation of the novel Well Cutter™ and its capabilities.

The Well Cutter™ is an innovative, inherently safer tool that enables efficient and safe drill pipe, liner, tubing and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives. The winner’s trophy was exhibited at Welltec’s stand alongside a sample piece of cut pipe, recovered cuttings and a set of cutter blades, and drew a lot of attention. Visitors were impressed with the smooth cut surface of the pipe sample and the fine, sand-like debris that is the byproduct of the cutting operation.

To read more about the Well Cutter™, please see our Mechanical Solutions brochure or one of the case stories: Pipe Cutter Operation Produces the Perfect Cut , Well Cutter Assists Removal of Packer

Welltec receives ESSO Angola Safety Award

ESSO Angola has awarded Welltec a safety award for our recent work on installing a straddle packer.
The HSE award will be presented to the team in Angola who participated in the successful installation of 160 meters of straddle packer assembly for gas shut-off on the HUN-105. This was a complicated, multi-run, rigless operation requiring seamless interface.
The entire job, consisting of one drift run and sixteen isolation assembly runs, was accomplished without any HSE incidents over a period of fifteen days. Welltec worked in alignment with the e-line and slickline companies in an effective team setting to deliver this incident free operation. A major part of the success is attributed to the high level of planning and discipline while executing the operation program as per Welltec Quality Plan, HSE, and QMS guidelines.

Welltec Wins OTC 2013 Spotlight on New Technology

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Welltec’s latest e-line innovation, The Well Cutter™, has won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology award as one of the latest, most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

“We’re very proud to win this prestigious award with our Well Cutter™ and even more proud of the way it’s been received by our clients. On its first job, a 4 ½” 12.6 #/ft tubing in a well offshore Russia, the operator was so satisfied that he claimed the Well Cutter™ provided the ‘perfect cut’,” says Lars Mangal, Chief Commercial Officer, Welltec

The ‘perfect cut’ is enabled through robotic, e-line technology providing accurate depth control. The tool uses a self-centralizing rotating head to remove pipe incrementally, preventing the creation of shavings. The tool can cut pipe in a physical state of tension or compression.

“The resulting cut is a smooth, polished surface, which may preclude the need for a polishing trip,” explains Niels Falkenberg, Chief Technology Officer, Welltec.

“The Well Cutter™ delivers efficient drill pipe and casing recovery without explosives, leading to important HSE and operational improvements. Explosives can pose an operational risk, especially when simultaneous operations are being conducted. And the transfer of explosives can create additional logistical challenges, which may lead to operational delays.” he adds.

Considering the cost of rigs, complex logistics and exposure to personnel, the Well Cutter™ offers a safer, faster, reliable and more cost-effective approach to cutting drill pipe and casing.

Each year OTC recognizes innovative technologies with the Spotlight on New Technology Awards. To win, the technology must be less than two years old, innovative, original and proven either through full-scale application or successful prototype testing. It should have a broad interest to the industry and provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies. The environmental impact is also an important judging criterion.

The Well Cutter™ will be on display at the Welltec booth #1453 at OTC 2013 in Houston, May 6-9.

To read more about the Well Cutter™, please see our Mechanical Solutions brochure or one of the case stories: Pipe Cutter Operation Produces the Perfect Cut , Well Cutter Assists Removal of Packer