SPE SAOGE 2008: Downhole Water Management and Robotic Valve Manipulation on Electric Wireline


Due to high operating cost and challenging environments, the oil and gas industry is facing an increasing demand to identify areas where new intervention solutions can be applied. Downhole water management and robotic valve manipulation are some of the areas where new approaches are finding critical success.

A new technology has enabled increased recovery rates by managing produced water and allowing remote mechanical manipulation of downhole valves on Wireline. These services are possible when applying a robotic stroking device and a Wireline key tool combined with field proven Wireline Tractor technology – best described as Well Construction on Wireline in a highly deviated well.

This technology represents a cost-efficient method for setting and retrieval of specific downhole hardware (i.e. plugs and straddles) as a resource-efficient alternative to existing technologies.

This paper will present case histories and the benefits of operation, particularly in deviated wells, where tractor technology in combination with the Wireline Stroker exemplify the advantages of the subject technology.

In a well offshore Norway, producing since 1995, completed with 2 Sliding Side Doors (SSD) to control zone production, attempts had been made to close both SSD’s in October 2003, but only the upper SSD was possible to close. A two-piece straddle was sat above the lower SSD, which however showed no change in production. PLT results showed an internal leakage in straddle and tubing; straddle was therefore retrieved in February 2006 and the well temporarily plugged.

Later in 2006, it was decided to perform a new intervention in order to remedy the situation and a Tractor/Stroker combination was considered optimal for performing the operation, as an alternative to a Coiled Tubing operation.

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