SPE 68887: New Coiled Tubing Well Tractor Extends Lateral Reach


Smaller OD Coiled Tubings have been known to buckle and, in extreme cases, lock up, thus having a limited lateral reach capability for most directional well intervention and drilling operations. The application of the Well Tractor facilitates the use of Coiled Tubing on offshore platforms where it previously could not been utilized due to crane and/or platform deck loading limitations.

This paper describes the innovative Well Tractor tool developed to extend the envelope for CT operations. The tractor is fluid driven and capable of over 2500 lbs pull/push. It is designed to work with acidizing fluids, nitrogen or drilling muds.

Also covered are the working principles of the CT Tractor and comparative calculations of lateral CT reach with and without the tractor. In addition, a world record setting CT tractor case history is discussed.

Find the full paper at onepetro.org

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