SPE 68080: World’s First Succesfull Openhole Logging Job with the Well Tractor Enables Faster and Cheaper Field Developments


An openhole logging job was carried out in December 1999 using a Welltec Well Tractor in a 3.8km long, horizontal, water injector in the Lekhwair field in Oman. Two logging runs were carried out by Schlumberger, one of which reached the world record distance of 1550m in openhole (3012m along hole). Water flow log (WFL) and full bore spinner (FBS) data were measured and confirmed that injectivity is uniform along the length of this well, providing confidence in the current line drive, waterflood field development. This is the first time that quantitative logging data has been obtained from an openhole using the Well Tractor.

This data, coupled with recent production data from other long wells in Lekhwair, provided the confidence to propose and drill extremely long horizontal wells (up to ~4km openhole length) in 2000, resulting in a significantly more cost effective and faster field development.

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