A client in Canada was attempting to conduct a pump down operation. The vertical portion of this horizontal well had a plug that was prematurely set in it. The client needed the plug to be removed before continuing with the frac operation.

Welltec® was the client’s first intervention choice for a couple of reasons. Since e-line was already mobilized over the well, the client saw an opportunity for cost savings by using equipment already on-site instead of mobilizing heavier, more expensive intervention services like coiled tubing (CT). Furthermore, the client had previous experience using Welltec’s e-line services to successfully mill a plug on a different well.



To mill the plug effectively, the Well Cleaner® Reverse Circulating Bit (RCB) tool was mobilized with a three-wheel 318 Well Tractor®. The RCB was fitted with a specially selected bit to ensure that the tool would mill on both the slip body and the plug body simultaneously. The Well Tractor® provided weight on bit during milling.

The tool string was rigged up and run in hole. Once contact was made with the plug, the tool string was pulled back and initialized. The RCB milled efficiently and removed the plug successfully.  The plug debris was then recovered at the surface from the cleaner bailers.  The quick mobilization and operation enabled the client to complete the pump down and frac operation.


Removing the plug allowed the client to continue the pump down and frac operation without the use of heavier, more costly intervention alternatives.

By utilizing available e-line services already on-site, the client reduced mobilization times significantly. Ultimately, Welltec’s solution was highly competitive when compared with CT in terms of both timing and cost. The Well Tractor® and RCB removed the plug in less time than it would have taken CT to rig up at the job site. Lighter interventions run on e-line result in cost savings to operators, while reducing the equipment footprint and also, increasing safety to personnel and the environment.

The client used Welltec’s milling services on a previous well operation, which served to reinforce his confidence for quality and success in Welltec’s e-line milling interventions in Canada.