First successful Logging While Tractoring Well Tractor conveyed PLT – Hassi Messaoud - Algeria


A major operator in Algeria wanted to run a 3 phase flow PLT in a horizontal well in order to better understand the the flow path of a nearby gas injection well. Due to the low flow rates, it was essential to acquire passes against the flow, on the way down. Traditionally, the only possible option would have been e-coil. However, the client also had a requirement to go as deep as possible whilst at the same time minimizing the risk of damaging the bottom spinner. A major e-line service provider offered to run a wireline tractor, but could not meet the requirement on logging while tractoring on mono cable. The client chose Welltec® Algeria which had the solution available.


After the spinner calibration was completed in the vertical section of the well, the Well Tractor® was activated in low speed for the PLT to acquire the first down pass logging while tractoring. After the up pass, the Well Tractor® was started again in high speed to acquire the second down pass, before the job was completed with an up pass at 30 m / min.

Real time and post job LQC confirmed the good quality of the recorded data. Unlike Coiled Tubing conveyed PLTs, where the data can often be affected by choking the well or incomplete datasets due to damaged tools, there were no missing data with the Well Tractor® conveyed PLT.

When the tools were retrieved to surface for inspection, no damage was observed on the spinner.


Besides being the first company to successfully run a PLT on a wireline tractor with full 3rd party Logging While Tractoring capability in Algeria, Welltec® yet again challenged conventional thinking by demonstrating that lightweight wireline interventions outperform in many cases traditional Coiled Tubing based operations, both from safety and service quality standpoints.

The client recognized the added value of Well Tractor® to the Production Logging market, while acknowledging the excellent job execution, light operation handling and simplified coordination.