Meet our Employees

Meet our employees

Nationalities from more than 25 countries work at Welltec. This contributes to our unique atmosphere with a global dimension and yet a strong foothold at the various bases.

Welltec meet our employees
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Charlotte Nipper, Receptionist, Allerød, Denmark

“The first person you typically meet when you visit Welltec’s headquarters is Charlotte Nipper, our receptionist. She is the go-to person for all practical information about the facilities and its people.

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“I’ve been here many years, almost since the beginning, and know most of our employees by name even though we have grown so much in recent years,” says Charlotte. “We are one big family fighting for a common goal and that creates a unique team spirit and wonderful atmosphere,” she adds.

Being on the frontline she receives all customers and colleagues in person and on the phone. “I love my job – it really fits my personality. I’m service-minded by nature and I think it’s exciting to meet new people. I meet colleagues from all over the world, and they are happy, lovely people. I have a sense of knowing them, even when we haven’t met before, because they are all part of my Welltec family”.

Charlotte joined Welltec in 1999, and despite having been with us for so long, she still feels like every day brings new, exciting experiences.

“I never thought I would be here for so many years, but the job never gets boring. I feel important and I know everyone in the house. I love getting up in the morning to go to work – it’s THE job!” she says and continues: “And I’m immensely proud of what Jørgen has achieved. It’s grand! – and to think I have been part of it too”.

Welltec meet our employees

Marcelo Adriano Pavanelli Batocchio, Area Vice President, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Having been with us less than a year, Marcelo is one of the newcomers to Welltec. However, he is by no means a newcomer to the oil and gas industry, having more than 10 years’ experience with other service providers.

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Today, as Area Vice President for Welltec in Brazil, he is tasked with developing our business in a rapidly growing market.

“Brazil is a growth area and this was one of my main drivers for joining Welltec. Welltec provides a good challenge. We have kind people and good operations. And I see a huge potential for further developing my career and building the local organization.”

“Prior to being contacted, I had heard about Welltec but I only knew the name, not the products or solutions. I remember having seen a Well Tractor presentation in the late 90’s and thinking this was ingenious! But in my previous career I didn’t work with e-line so I didn’t know more about Welltec’s offerings.”

After a post graduate degree in petroleum engineering, Marcelo has built his career in the well completions domain. He has held various sales and managerial roles in Latin America where he has been responsible for client relations and market development. He has witnessed how Latin America has become increasingly interesting to the big international companies that have entered the market.

“It is a welcome change to go from a large company to joining a relatively small organization like Welltec. It requires a change in perception, but the organization is geared for business with quicker and short decision routes, fast learning and good management support.”

As many other countries, Brazil is very focused on clean technology and the environment, which ties in perfectly with Welltec’s philosophy of optimizing reservoir drainage while reducing carbon footprint. Hence, one of the things that intrigued Marcelo about Welltec was the level of sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technology.

“I was surprised about the degree of innovation and the technology that Welltec develops. It was like opening a new window. Welltec is much more innovative than other companies I know. Our customized, robotic devices solve many problems with simple solutions and the tools complement those from 3rd party suppliers. I find this to be brilliant and remarkable.”

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Pernille Rønne, Sales Systems Support Manager, Allerød, Denmark

After 16 years in the property sector, where Pernille built her career from receptionist to HR manager and PA to the chief executive, she was contacted by a former colleague and manager who had joined Welltec as IT manager.

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He wanted to recruit Pernille to a cross functional role in which she would communicate the IT department’s services to all employees globally and be the link between IT and the organization. It did not take much deliberation for Pernille to say yes and this is a decision she has never regretted.

“Being part of Welltec is fantastic. It’s awesome that an idea from a village in Denmark can make such an impact globally. It makes me really proud of my company, of my colleagues and of my job. We have a remarkable product and it’s pretty cool to have joined these game-changing ‘geeks’.”

A good work-life balance was an important consideration for Pernille when making the leap from property to Welltec, and this is strengthened by the global nature of her role.

“I’m a single mom with two boys who play soccer, so having flexibility is something I value greatly. At Welltec we have ‘freedom under responsibility’ which means I can plan my days in a way that suits Welltec as well as the family. In fact, this is the perfect setup, as my colleagues for example in the US wake up when the Danish office is about to close for the day; this means I can work in the evening and catch my colleagues during their office hours.”

In her daily work Pernille communicates with colleagues all over the world. She helps with the processes from sales to Service Delivery Managers and on to Operations, ensuring success from beginning to end and she consults on all operations. She teaches the use of our CRM system to colleagues worldwide through the Welltec Academy and finds it important to adapt her teaching to her audience being e.g. Field Engineers and Service Delivery Managers.

”I ensure that everything goes smoothly, that sales and operations communicate and that our systems work perfectly supporting the business. It is such a great feeling to evolve in the now, to become better and ensure better communication and better processes. It is exciting to see the results of our projects when they are launched and to get the feedback from the users; we really feel the joy from our colleagues when we launch successful supporting tools. It makes me feel that I am making a difference. It makes me happy.”

Pernille values the working environment highly and singles this out as an important aspect of working with Welltec.

”Great colleagues are an important asset and our department has a wonderful work environment. Generally, it is my experience that my colleagues at Welltec worldwide are really good at providing feedback and giving praise. I also enjoy the diversity of my colleagues. There’s room for coveralls as well as suits and ties and I think this supports the good work environment. I believe the diversity is a result of our international mindset and this is something we are all very proud of.”

Being at the forefront of innovation, means that no two days at Welltec are alike and the production, headquarter and bases are buzzing with life.

“Being able to walk through the production and talk to the engineers adds an extra dimension to my work and I get a chance to see the tools and hear about our successes. Some of my best Welltec experiences have been visiting our bases in e.g. Canada, the US, Scotland and Norway; to meet the colleagues and see how ‘the real world’ works outside the Headquarter in Allerød.”

The constant thrive for change also provides interesting and exciting careers paths at Welltec.

”I love the fact that we have such good opportunities to develop and experience new things. You never get bored and there’s always room to try something new if you would like.”

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Erik ‘Bubber’ Hennings, EDM Craftsman, Allerød, Denmark

Electric discharge machining or EDM is widely used at Welltec for manufacturing high precision tools and components. EDM makes it possible to cut and shape metals for which traditional machining techniques are inadequate.

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It is a technique which is used for working hard metals where high precision is required.

Erik Hennings, or ‘Bubber’, as he affectionately is called, has more than 25 years experience working as a tool maker. He has now for the last ten years worked at the centre of the Welltec EDM production unit.
‘A former colleague suggested that I should come and join him at Welltec. I was somewhat reluctant as I was happy with my job. However, after quite some time and thinking I decided to give it a chance. That is a decision which I never have regretted’.
Time never stops in the production facility and many of the machines are manned 24/7. Most of the machinists or operators are in charge of 2-4 machines at a time and planning is instrumental in keeping the production running and utilizing the resources as best possible.
‘I have worked with electrical discharge machining or EDM my entire career. The technique as such has not changed much but the machinery really has. We regularly upgrade our machines and learning to use the new machines is quite challenging. On the other hand once you have learned to use them you really appreciate the benefits.’
Erik Hennings has for the last four years also been the shop steward at the main production facilities. ‘This organization is constantly expanding which is quite a challenge, but it is also fascinating being part of such a technological evolution and not least helping shape it together with my colleagues. It’s the strong team spirit combined with the technological challenges which make this such a satisfying place to work’.