Extended reach microseismic deployment

An operator in Alberta approached Welltec® for a reliable conveyance solution to gather microseismic data from adjacent wells in connection with a frac operation. The operator needed to deploy Pinnacle microseismic measuring equipment (MSM) in two wells and chose Welltec based on proven capabilities and Pinnacle’s recommendation.

The Well Tractor® 318 was selected for the operations and a System Integration Test (SIT) was conducted at the shop prior to mobilization to ensure perfect compatibility between the tools.

On location, the toolstrings were run in hole and tractored to TD. The Pinnacle MSM equipment was pulled up hole sequentially to match the stages being frac’d in the adjacent well and then returned to surface upon completion.

For the operator it was key to find a conveyance tool that would enable them to quickly and reliably reach the desired depth for data acquisition and the Well Tractor® proved the best tool for the job.

To learn more about the technology applied please view the Conveyance Solutions brochure or read the full case story Record depth for microseismic acquisition.

Another successful cementless completion delivered

Thirteen Welltec Annular Barriers (WAB™) were successfully installed during the recent, second field deployment of this innovative, new Completion Solutions. The result is a cementless lower completion with seven pressure isolated zones that will last the full lifespan of the well.

This unique zonal isolation capability is enabled through surface-controlled, hydraulic expansion of the metal WABs that consequently contact and conform to the formation, effectively sealing off the zones. The WAB™ has been developed in cooperation with a number of operators to meet even harsh well environments, sealing in non-uniform and in-gauge boreholes, thus eliminating the shortcoming of traditional packers while maintaining the qualities.

This operation took place in the North Sea, offshore Norway, where a total of thirteen 5m long WAB’s were mounted on the exterior of a 7 5/8” liner. This allowed a maximum diameter, full-bore liner with rotational capability to be deployed in the 10” hole. Once the liner hanger was set, the WABs were hydraulically expanded under surface control, while simultaneously work hardening the alloy, within the 2,134 m (7,000 ft.) horizontal section of the 5,486 m MD (18,000 ft.) well.

All WAB’s were successfully expanded resulting in a cementless lower completion with seven pressure isolated zones.

Read more about the WAB™ and our Completions Solution on our website.

Welltec preparing for a busy fall season

Welltec can look back at an impressive first half of 2013 with exhibitions in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, nine technical papers, 18 presentations, and two product awards, but we are by no means resting on laurels. During the fall season we will be exhibiting at SPE NAICE (Nigeria), Deepwater Intervention forum (USA), Offshore Europe (UK), ATCE (USA), KIOGE (Kazakhstan), IADC Middle East Drilling (UAE), Kiev O&G (Ukraine), APOGCE (Indonesia), OTC Brasil, Deepwater Angola, ADIPEC (UAE), and ICoTA Roundtable in Aberdeen (UK). We are currently preparing another five papers and have been invited to give a number of presentations on e.g. Subsea Interventions. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Subsea knowledge sharing in Bergen

When the 19th Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) recently took place in Bergen, Welltec’s Ole Eddie Karlsen, VP Subsea Solutions, presented a case story on the world’s first hydrate removal on e-Line from an RLWI vessel. Subsea wells and consequent operations are trending and this year’s UTC had a record turnout. The primary focus of the conference was the road ahead for subsea technology; deeper, colder and longer. Innovative and unconventional are key change factors to the industry, and thus Welltec was a natural presenter.

Read more about our Subsea Intervention Solutions or download the case story World´s First Hydrate Milling on E-line.

Brasil Offshore was buzzing about RLWI

Welltec’s Global Subsea Operations team delivered a presentation on improving the recovery rates in brownfield subsea wells through the use of riserless light well interventions (RLWI) to a full room at Brasil Offshore. Two interesting cases were presented in addition to specification of the RLWI concept, water depth challenges and their solutions, and a number of deep water market facts from Brazil.

Case story #1: RLWI milling and retrieving hard debris
Case story #2: World´s First Hydrate Milling on E-line
Read more about our Subsea Intervention Solutions at our website.

First Logging While Tractoring PLT job in Kazakhstan

When the logging company Anega won a tender to do a series of PLTs in horizontal, production wells in Kazakhstan, they selected Welltec’s e-line 218 Well Tractor conveyance solution to save time and minimize operation costs. The conventional CT solution required ~four days operating time, hence the savings potential was significant.

The toolstring was run in hole in logging while tractoring (lwt) mode to target depth, providing higher data accuracy and real-time feedback during the operation. The Well Tractor provided good depth control, constant speed for the downpass and saved valuable rig up / down time.

The operation was carefully executed at a slower-than-normal pace to allow continuous reassurance of logging capability, yet it only took 27 hours per well – a significant time saving compared to CT conveyed logging.

To read more about this operation, please see the full case story, or read more on Welltec’s Conveyance Solutions in our brochure.

SPE Distinguished Lecturer from Welltec visits Iraq

In June, Welltec’s Senior Vice President, MENA, Brian Schwanitz, was invited as part of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer program to give speech at the first formal meeting of the newly formed SPE Kirkuk section. This was the first time a Distinguished Lecturer has ever visited any of the three Iraqi sections and the presentation spurred a great interest. The topic was Intelligent Interventions and as Iraq does not have ready access to coiled tubing units, swift and nimble e-line solutions, like Welltec’s, are exactly what they are looking for.

Click here to see the presentation notes, or read more about intelligent interventions on our website.

High temperature cases well received by SPE audience in Malaysia

The first run of Welltec’s groundbreaking, high temperature, DC electronics were among the cases discussed when Welltec recently presented four specific high temperature intervention cases at an SPE forum in Georgetown, Malaysia. Most of the international and national operators in the region were present and both AC and DC Well Tractor cases were well received.

Welltec also experienced a very strong pull from participating companies for our HT-WAB products that are part of the new Completion Solutions. These can remove a gap for many operators to continue with HPHT exploration.
Read more about the Completions Solutions here.

World’s first nipple milling with 2 1/8” tools

When an operator in the North Sea experienced problems running a 2 1/2” inflatable plug through a Baker “F” nipple profile with an internal diameter (ID) of 2.562” in a producing well, offshore Norway, Welltec proposed a solution utilizing two custom milling bits.

System Integration Testing was conducted to establish operating procedure, determine the suitable bit design and optimum weight on bit (WOB) needed for this world’s first operation.

Two bits, consisting of a unique Metal Matrix Compound (MMC), were manufactured for this specific operation, 2.677” and 2.638” respectively, to grind through the nipple profile leaving the surface smooth to ease further interventions. They were designed so that if the first bit wore down before the nipple was milled through, the second bit could pass through the milled section and finish the job without getting stuck.

No restrictions were found in the well down to the nipple depth and a toolstring consisting of the Well Miller® NPR with the custom 2.677” milling bit was run in hole. After about two hours of effective milling time, the power consumption changed and the tool was returned to surface, where the milling bit did not show significant wear. The toolstring returned into the well with the same bottom hole assembly (BHA) configuration. On this run it passed through the nipple profile without problems. Several more passes were made to confirm depth and easy to pass through.

In a few short days, using only e-line equipment the operator was able to remove the restriction, set a straddle packer and restore the well to production; without the use of a workover rig or CT unit.

To read more about this operation, please see the full case story, or read more on Welltec’s Milling Solutions in our brochure.

Welltec Canada receives the Danish Export Associations Diploma and HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark’s Medal of Honor for their efforts to build business for Welltec in Canada

Since 2001, Danish founded Welltec has been established in Calgary, Alberta, and has had its own setup to serve the Canadian oil & gas industry with intervention solutions. Now, because of the success of the Canadian team in Welltec Canada, the Welltec Canada team is being honored by being awarded the Danish Export Associations Diploma and HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark’s Medal of Honor.

“I am tremendously proud to be part of a team, that has delivered the results that Welltec Canada has done”, says Scott Bittner, Area Vice President for Welltec Canada, “Even if I am new to the team, it is very clear to me that the team of Welltec Canada is not only focused on driving business locally here in Canada, but also has excellent collaboration with their colleagues in Denmark and elsewhere. I believe that one of the key levers that the team in Welltec Canada pulls to be successful is to bridge the needs for our Canadian clients with our capabilities in Canada and the rest of Welltec. In my view this is a very effective way of building a business”.

Welltec has been active in Canada since 1997, and in 2001 it was decided to establish a branch in Canada, with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. Now, Welltec Canada has a wide-spread network of bases in Canada and has grown its business well above CAD 40 million a year.

“Welltec Canada is important both for Welltec in the Americas and in the Welltec Group itself. It is one of our largest country markets, and yet still one of the faster growing ones”, says Senior Vice President of Welltec Americas Carl Strubberg, and continues “as a team effort, Welltec Canada has developed from scratch to become a full, all-encompassing subsidiary of Welltec and one of the key ones in Welltec. Being based on sound principles, effective operations and a well-adapted business conduct, there is no doubt that the Welltec Canada has the potential to grow much further, and contribute much more to the export of Danish technology based services in the future.”

Great potential on the Canadian market
Canada has the second largest oil reserves in the world, and there is great demand for the products and solutions Welltec Canada Inc. provides. The market has also contributed to the development of new technologies that have helped Welltec’s presence globally.

Besides being an important export market for Welltec, the company is also convinced that the Canadian market has potential to grow even more. Since the team behind Welltec Canada Inc. has already mastered to bridge the cultural gap between the Danish company and the Canadian oil and gas industry, there are great opportunities for future growth.

Welltec Canada Inc. therefore contributes to the growing export of Danish technology for one of the world’s most important industries, on one of the largest markets, and has thus opened the door to future exports of other Danish products and solutions.

The Danish Ambassador Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen in Canada presented the award at a ceremony at Welltec Canada’s headquarters on June 7.

“I am honored to be presenting the Prince Henrik of Denmark’s Medal of Honor to Welltec Canada. Through innovation, excellent client service, and with hardworking and dedicated employees, Welltec continues to be very successful. I hope Welltec Canada will serve as an example for other companies to follow,” says Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen, Danish Ambassador to Canada.