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New TorcPlug® wins second ICoTA intervention award

First in Aberdeen, now Houston. The new TorcPlug, a novel, multiset, retrievable barrier run on e-line has just won its second ICoTA intervention award, this time at the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention & Coiled Tubing Conference and Exhibition in Houston. The prestigious award recognizes technical innovation in well intervention and rewards technology that is deemed to bring significant benefits to the industry.


VP Marketing
Brian Sidle

Global Business Development Manager
Hein Andre Langåker

Six months after receiving the Intervention Award from ICoTA’s European chapter in Aberdeen, the TorcPlug received the second SPE ICoTA Intervention award in March in Houston.

Run on e-line, the TorcPlug® excels by minimizing operators’ cost, reducing uncertainty and increasing efficiency.

Its design allows the TorcPlug® to be set multiple times in a single trip without damaging the crucial packer element and with no chance of pre-setting. With a rugged design it incorporates the Torc Method, enabling it to be mechanically set and released with just the right amount of force being transferred to the plug and tubing.

Qualified to V3 and V0/Q1 barrier requirements set by the ISO 14310 standards, the TorcPlug® has been certified by independent 3rd party testing to ensure that it meets the industry’s most challenging environments.

The TorcPlug is developed by E Plug with technical support from Welltec and Statoil.

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